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How can you make a captivating pre-roll video ad for your audiences?

Online video ads are the most effective way by which a company can stand out from the rest despite stiff competition. These days a lot of business owners are putting an arduous effort and time in making an enthralling video ad so that they can tap a wider audience through the internet. The rising popularity […]

Hiring a video ad production company: Here are certain tips!

In this 21st century, there are unfathomable ways by which you can market your business online. The latest fad is to use online video advertising as your marketing tool which will certainly upgrade your business. Whether you have a big business or small venture that need a large readership, you can make use of this […]

Video hosting for a successful online business

As the popularity of video is burgeoning hastily, the companies are also willingly embracing this latest fad and are spending a chunk of money for video production. It is true that a video production always demands a hefty amount and moreover, it is also time-consuming. So, if you want to utilize your video in a […]

An ultimate guide to video monetization

Video monetization is growing by leaps and bounds as video advertising marketing is evolving continuously. So, video monetization is indubitably the future of targeted advertising and it is the utmost way by which the bloggers and webmasters can make money from their respective blogs and websites. Video monetization is also lucrative for the advertisers too. […]

Why online videos are the best method of marketing?

In the realm of advertising mediums, a commercial video production is undoubtedly the most sure-fire way to reach the global customers within a few seconds. If you know how to make an enthralling and substantive video, then you can certainly thrive the stiff competition. Though you need to spend a chunk of money for video […]

Eight Golden Rules For Online Video Success: #6 Video Completion Rates

Hi I’m John Cecil and this is video number six in my eight part series, “Eight Golden Rules For Online Video Success.” Rule #6: Video Completion Rates Marketers never look at Video Completion Rates. But it’s one of the most important metrics in the online video equation. How many people are watching your video to […]

Viral Video? Online Video Requires 2 Strategies to Accomplish Frequent Viewing

Search engine optimization and social networking video content are important components in a balanced online video strategy. Online Video Revolution: How to Reinvent and Market Your Business Using Video by John Cecil, available at walks online marketers through steps necessary to optimize performance, profit and presence with online video content. Click to watch now!

Why Online Video Helps Customers Make Decisions to Purchase

Giant leaps in technology have shifted the Internet from a fully text-based format to primarily video-based viewing. Those changes in technology require that your company move forward with the global movement to provide video footage for visiting web customers. But just what does this mean? Find out from John Cecil, author of Online Video Revolution.

Online Video Creates Profit Centers For Companies

Have you thought about using online video to create income for your company? If you have you, like many others, probably looked at your budget first, thought about the expenditures, and began talking yourself out of using video. Yes, it involves cost. You’ll need to create content for your online viewers to watch when they […]

OCULU® Eyes Virtual Reality (VR) As the Next Big Frontier for Pre-Roll Advertising Serving and Publisher Revenue

 Orange County, CA — July 8, 2014 — OCULUhas announced initial development of a new video player to serve pre-roll ads directly into platforms using virtual reality (VR) technology. Enhancements OCULUwill make to its video streaming player allows marketers increased delivery options for pre-roll advertising messages.  These advancements into VR create opportunities to directly stream […]