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How To Work With A Filmmaker When Creating An Online Video

Thinking of hiring a production company? Experienced professionals provide the skills to create effective videos and relieve you of the time-consuming task of learning the process yourself. However, there is a slight learning curve to creating a video even with the help of a skilled professional, and you’ll need to take a little time to learn about the process to save you trouble in the long run. Learn more now!

Oculu Encoding Settings

Oculu provides a set of encode bitrates which we think are the best balance of quality, resolution, storage, and bandwidth to accommodate the various end user devices. The settings can by modified on this page by selecting “Encoding Settings.”   If you want to Import MRSS then click on Import MRSS Button. It will […]

API – Lightbox Controls

Fade in transition is where you can control how fast/slow your lightbox to Fade. You can set it up using Oculu user portal or by adding transition option in Oculu API. e.g: im_play_lb({ video_id:1051261193, width:640, height:360, transition: ‘slow’}) Demos: No fade transition: im_play_lb({ video_id:1051261193, width:640, height:360}) :set up using Oculu user portal. Slow fade transition: […]

Getting Started With Oculu

Getting started with Oculu is simple. In this quick video tutorial, learn how to upload a video using your new Oculu account, get it onto your site, and start sharing it with your email contacts and social networks. Watch now!

8 Golden Rules For Online Video Success: #3 Who’s Got Talent?

John Cecil – Author – Online Video Revolution – Available on Amazon  Hi I’m John Cecil and this is video number three in my eight part series, “Eight Golden Rules For Online Video Success.” Rule #3: Who’s Got Talent? Hopefully, you do! And if you use talent in your videos you’re going to see a great […]

Companies Must Have Online Video In Two Critical Places

Online video is critical to your company’s selling process. If you already use video to attract viewers to your website and invite them to purchase from you, then you’re ahead of the game. Maybe you’re new to video, gathering information, formulating your plan and moving into the studio soon to shoot your footage. Both positions […]

The Power of the Play Button

A video play button is a more than just a way to get a video to start. It’s also a great tool to ensure viewers are seeing your video content and converting! In this short video, John Cecil, author of Online Video Revolution, gives tips on how the power of the play button can improve your online video marketing efforts.