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Companies Must Have Online Video In Two Critical Places

Online video is critical to your company’s selling process. If you already use video to attract viewers to your website and invite them to purchase from you, then you’re ahead of the game. Maybe you’re new to video, gathering information, formulating your plan and moving into the studio soon to shoot your footage. Both positions […]

The Power of the Play Button

A video play button is a more than just a way to get a video to start. It’s also a great tool to ensure viewers are seeing your video content and converting! In this short video, John Cecil, author of Online Video Revolution, gives tips on how the power of the play button can improve your online video marketing efforts.

Getting Creative With Your Demonstration Video Strategy

There’s a difference between “advertainment” and marketing your product. But just how can you make your online video marketing efforts have an impact but also be creative? Find out what Ryan Stone, founder of Retina Burn, a blog dedicated to online video marketing, thinks in this first post of our Guest Expert series.

Video Testing Activities For Better Conversions

John Cecil – Author – Online Video Revolution – Available on Amazon Testing Tips for Online Video! Most companies test their landing pages against one another to search for better conversions. But no one tests with video. Why not? We’re saying that if you’re doing testing, you should be testing video against video to get […]

Edgecast- Oculu’s Content Delivery Network

Did you know that Oculu serves videos faster than any OVP on the market? It’s all due to our relationship with Edgecast, the world’s fastest and most reliable content delivery network, or CDN. Our partnership with them means your company can dramatically accelerate the delivery of video, significantly improving your customers experience regardless of location. Watch to learn more about Oculu’s relationship with Edgecast and find out why utilizing a CDN is important for video playback.

Creating a Video Room

Does your company have a video room? Learn from John Cecil, author of Online Video Revolution, why having video technology at your disposal can help with your online marketing efforts.

3 Ways To Deliver Video Over The Web – Understand These and You Will Increase Conversions

People are continually questioning if video can boost their conversion rates, and while video is becoming an important feature of many websites, the answer is definitely yes. If using online video wisely, you can increase the chance of a website conversion because it allows you to enhance the customer’s ability to understand or relate to an offering, demonstrate convincing features and benefits, and engage with the customers on a more personal level that will create a richer user experience on your webpage. People in general would rather watch a video online than read a 10 page explanation on any general subject.

Social Media Linking With Oculu

One of the features Oculu offers is the ability to share your videos via multiple social media outlets. Social shares with video links are important for driving traffic and creating awareness of content.