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Start & End Poster (Start & End Asset)

Start Asset and End Asset API is where you can define the Url of the image in string format. To add Start Asset or End asset you just have to place the start_asset and or end_asset in oculu API. Demo: Start Asset: im_play_ep({video_id:xxx, start_asset :‘’}); End Asset: im_play_ep({video_id:xxx, end_asset :‘’}); Start Asset + End Asset: […]

API – Default Video Playback Resolution

If the video title is encoded at multiple resolutions, the default playsize can be defined via the portal UI, Or, directly in page with the following. play_size:360 play_size:720 im_is_loaded_ep({ video_id:xxxxxxxxx , play_size:xxx });  

Ad Player Example

This is a continued post from our last blog, that shows the final ad example for including a start image in an ad. Check out for the previous tutorial.

Lets Settle This – Online Video Does Increase Conversions

Online video is the key to conversions, so if you use online video wisely on your web page, you can absolutely increase the chance of a website conversion. This falls into play based on the fact that online video allows you to demonstrate convincing features and benefits, enhance the customer’s ability to understand or

What Files Formats Does Oculu Accept?

Oculu encodes your video files in multiple file formats, codecs, resolutions and bit rates. This is to ensure playback via mobile and desktop devices as well as providing playback resolution options for the end viewer. Oculu revises these settings constantly to accommodate the evolving market. The settings can by modified on this page by selecting […]

How To Mix Audio For Internet Delivery

Want to learn how to mix and optimize audio for your video? View these step by step instructions for optimizing dialog for video delivery via the internet. Final Cut Pro is used in this tutorial, however, the same concept applies to any video editing application.

Inexpensive Ways to Make Your Videos Look More Professional

Video is HUGE. It’s just everywhere, and expected to grow and grow, driving properly hosted videos to the top of search engine rankings. In fact, it’s predicted that 90% of all web content will be video by the end of 2013. Ok, so it’s everywhere, and you should be doing it, got it. But can you shoot it yourself with good results? The answer lies in several questions…

Screen Capture Video Tutorials

Set Capture Area Size Consider sizing your capture area to accommodate HD video sizes, which is the most common way to distribute video files across various online platforms. Transcription: Hi Dave from Oculu. This is the 1st in a series of screen capture video tutorials and this 1st title covers sizing your capture area. The 1st consideration is […]