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Defying Web Limits with Cloud Video Hosting

Adding videos to business websites is one of the most effective e-commerce marketing strategies today. These help e-businesses in attaining the professional presence they want to achieve in the online environment. Such can easily attract end-users and can create a dynamic and interactive internet platform for potential customers. Nonetheless, efficiently incorporating video sources to websites […]

How to Add Video to a Website: From Scripts to Clicks

Putting up your video on a web page is nothing like putting glue at the back of a picture and pasting it on a surface. For the record, the video must first be hosted by a video hosting platform to enable it to play when people visit your site. To code and design a website […]

Four Online Video SEO Basics for Social Media and Video Marketing

Four Online Video SEO Basics for Social Media and Video Marketing —Melanie Peters, Social Media Specialist October 25, 2011 Listen to talk on Social Media and Tech sites, and you’ll hear quite a buzz about Online Video and how Google utilizes Video in it’s ever changing indexing algorithms. It’s impossible to predict how Google will […]

How To: Reduce the Size of Your Video File

Information on how to Reduce the Size of Your Video File. You’ve hired the talent, shot your video, and edited it so it’s just right. There’s only one problem: your video file is too large to upload. Never fear, in this video, Dave Winters shows how to re-encode a video to create a smaller file size while maintaining a decent picture quality.

Video: How to Make Multiple Video Clips From One Large Video File

David Winters – Innovate Media / Oculu Information on: How to Make Multiple Video Clips From One Large Video File. In this video, Oculu’s own Dave Winters explains how to create multiple episodic videos out of one long video clip. For example, if you have an hour long source clip and want to be able to cut it up into three separate 20 minute segments in order to chapterize it on your web page, this is one approach to doing that.

How To: DIY Alpha Channel for a Video Spokesperson Clip

In this how to, Dave will run through keying and creating an alpha channel for a video spokesperson style clip like this which is ultimately delivered using the Oculu overlay player insertion code. The tool he uses for keying is Adobe Aftereffects, which is a very common app in the video post-production world.

Video: How to Light a Video Spokesperson

On a typical shoot day, the Innovate Media team shoots with the Red camera. They have developed this particular lighting setup over the past five years shooting over three thousand titles. They use a big six bipod……

Charles Darwin’s OVP

By Tim McHale If Charles Darwin was around today, he would find that the business of video serving technology closely mirrors his own theory of evolution. As the web has evolved, who would ever think that a video production company would transform itself into a video technology company? Darwin probably would. Take a company like […]

Innovate Media Launches Oculu

Innovate Media Launches Oculu, an Online Video Platform Designed By and For Online Marketers and Video Professionals Costa Mesa, California, April 18th, 2011 –Innovate Media, an industry leader in online video production and delivery is pleased to announce the launch of Oculu, an online video platform offering delivery, management, and reporting capabilities. Over the last […]