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How To Mix Audio For Internet Delivery

Want to learn how to mix and optimize audio for your video? View these step by step instructions for optimizing dialog for video delivery via the internet. Final Cut Pro is used in this tutorial, however, the same concept applies to any video editing application.

Inexpensive Ways to Make Your Videos Look More Professional

Video is HUGE. It’s just everywhere, and expected to grow and grow, driving properly hosted videos to the top of search engine rankings. In fact, it’s predicted that 90% of all web content will be video by the end of 2013. Ok, so it’s everywhere, and you should be doing it, got it. But can you shoot it yourself with good results? The answer lies in several questions…

Screen Capture Video Tutorials

Set Capture Area Size Consider sizing your capture area to accommodate HD video sizes, which is the most common way to distribute video files across various online platforms. Transcription: Hi Dave from Oculu. This is the 1st in a series of screen capture video tutorials and this 1st title covers sizing your capture area. The 1st consideration is […]

How To Prep Video Files For Upload

How to prep video files for Upload – Why a “big” file can be a problem and how to resolve the issue. The examples presented here apply to many apps, file formats and operating systems. The specific tools used in the demo are not a requirement.

Start Optimizing Your Online Videos Today

Search engines like Google use a Site Map to find your video online. For many reasons, YouTube’s built in site map does not allow many favorable options to generate solid leads for your company. In fact, it often drives customers away by distracting them with ads. With a custom site map hosted on a third party site, you have more options for placement, and a better chance of keeping that customer on your site.

Product Tip – How To Videos

How-to videos are being used by many companies to inform costumers about their products in a familiar way.
This approach has proven to be an effective way to increase conversions while not seeming aggressive toward the viewers. People don’t like to be told what to buy, they want to make an informed decision for themselves.

Fishing with Social Media–Using Video as Bait

Melanie Peters – Social Media Specialist Content + Social Media =’s Conversion I recently held a Video Marketing workshop in which I used the analogy of your web site being an island; if you want to get fed (Conversions) you gotta put your line in the water (Social Media Networks) and bait with what’s gonna […]

Online Video Platforms: Going Green through Cloud Video Hosting

The Internet has already come a long way. From serving as a tool of sharing information on scientific and military research and development, it now functions as an almost limitless global trading venue. That significant change can be attributed to the webmasters of the 1960s who first developed the concept of delivering computing resources through […]

The Components that Make Live Video Streaming and Online Video Hosting Work

The Internet offers unlimited sources of information, as well as numerous methods of sharing these between servers and end-users. From simple text, photo, and graphics sharing, websites have developed more advanced ways to improve communication with their viewers. Online video hosting and streaming are good examples of these. A video is a combination of visuals […]

Cloud Video Hosting Services for Businesses

In today’s digital age, almost everybody uses the Internet to perform even the simplest of tasks. People use it to communicate, gather information, make transactions, and many other things. Even a lot of businesses use the Internet as a marketing tool. With its speed and accessibility, the Internet is an excellent channel to promote one’s […]

Add Video to Your Site and Improve Your Business Prominence Online

People have learned to take advantage of the World Wide Web, an indispensable tool that simplifies a wide range of tasks. In just a couple of decades, a lot of people and organizations have grown more dependent on the Internet, with statistics showing roughly two billion users worldwide. This is also why a lot of […]

Why You Should Add Video to a Website

Businesses use different techniques to market their products and services, and the growing popularity of the Internet made it possible to do so online. Since the Internet can be accessed from almost anywhere, most businesses use different Web-based tools. Organizations construct websites to show their company backgrounds and include descriptions of their products and services. […]

Business Traffic: The Power of Video and Why Video SEO Matters

Repairing a leak in your roof is a bit complicated, so you would want more explanation to help you do it right. Which is more helpful? A thousand-word how-to instruction or a two-minute video? Chances are, you’d rather watch the video than slog through the thousand words. You absorb the information you need faster when […]

The Advantages of Using a Video Hosting Service to Market your Business

Technology has made it easier for businesses to promote their products and services. Many companies use a video hosting service to get exposure on the Internet for marketing purposes. There are benefits to using video to market your goods compared with traditional promotion methods such as flyers and advertisements. Plus, video is more interactive compared […]