Dare to Compare

Oculu vs. Free Services vs. Other Premium Online Video Platforms

Oculu launched to address the complex video delivery and distribution needs of businesses and publishers.

Built with DNA from the video production industry, Oculu provides video solutions with simple, do-it-yourself options and has become impressive video technology for reaching viewers, extending reach and maximizing advertising revenues. Via the platform itself the player provides options such as video hosting and streaming, advertising, and analytics and helps companies optimize their video workflows while monetizing and distributing their content.

Always evolving, our video player is now “360” compatible and sends and serves content to the next frontier of video devices. Embed codes load fast, so there’s no worry about lagging page loads and the player is responsive—it scales to fit any size screen.

Think your video hosting service provides all of your business and publishing needs? We dare you to compare!


YouTube, Vimeo Basic and Other Free Services

Other Premium Online Video Platforms

Content Delivery Network Partnership For Fastest Video Playback


Multiple Video Format Options


Mobile Video Viewing Support


No Commercial Content Restrictions


Unlimited Video Uploads


Ad-free Video Hosting


Human Support Via Email, Skype and Phone

Video SEO Benefits For Your Website


Features Designed Specifically For The Business and Professional User


Video Security Via Whitelist Feature


Downloadable and Detailed Analytics


LiveStream Capabilities


Production and Editing Services Available

Delivered Video Content Not Blocked By Large Companies


Large File Transfer Feature


Source File Storage Availability


Monthly Video Plans Based On Video Plays, Not Bandwidth


Month To Month Plans Available and No Long Term Contracts


Branded White Label Opportunity



  • Simple set up and easy to use
  • Seemlesly works on all devices (desktop/mobile/vr)
  • Thousands of satisified customers
  • Self hosted, secured-you are in full control
  • Adaptive/responsive video player (html5/flash/360)
  • Fast, hIgh quality video streaming
  • Serve Pre, Mid and Post Roll ads ( Vast and Google IMA)

Video Dashboard
Manage all of your videos within the Video Dashboard. Select a format, choose cookies, add a click through path and much more. Best of all, all your changes happen instantly with no need to change your video code.
Video Reports
Get real time video reporting data 24/7 with Oculu. Access 10 different points of data for a first hand look on how your uploaded videos interact with your viewers.
Video Tab
All of your uploaded videos in Oculu are available in one easy to find place. With the Video tab, you can organize your videos by title, upload date, length, file size, and more.
Video Formats
What format do you want your video to be viewed in? Oculu offers you 3 different options, Overlay, Embedded and Lightbox, that you can customize based on your needs.
Code Insertion
Step by step instructions on how and where to apply the simple Oculu generated code to your website html.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the limitations of the basic/free package?

First off - it’s simple! Just sign up upload your videos and you can use our player in all its glory. There are however limitations on on video plays and storage and you will not be able to access all of the platform features but its a great way to get in and test the platform. Also, we have the right to refuse any content or cancel any account in the basic/free package.

Can I change plans at anytime?

Yep! Simply click on the “Account” tab on your dashboard and you'll see your options to upgrade or downgrade.  

I want to serve pre-roll ads use your syndication tool and run 360 videos do all plans cover these activities?

No. For ads, 360 videos and use of our syndication tool you need to be in the Premium plan or above.

My monthly usage greatly exceeds what you offer in your premium package what should I do?

Contact us. We have custom packages available do address any serving needs. In most cases these larger packages with mass delivery needs are much more cost effective than our already affordable published pricing.

What makes up my Annual charges?

All of the Oculu plans are based on an annual billing. The next annual fee will be due 1 year from the date of purchase even if it is within a calendar month. Oculu will automatically charge your credit card that we have securely on file the annual fee when due. Please let us know 30 days in advance of your annual fee due date if you want to cancel your service.

Each plan comes with a specified limit for the number of monthly video plays and storage available?

If you exceed these monthly amounts, you will be charged $1.00 for each additional 1,000 video plays and $1.00 for each additional 1 GB of storage.

How do I convert from a basic / free package?

If you have a basic / free account, you can convert it to a standard paid account at any time. To upgrade your plan, click the Upgrade button from within your “My Account” tab on your Oculu dashboard. Select your new plan, confirm your payment information, and confirm your upgrade. As a free account user, you can click a button on the upgrade page to select the plan that’s right for you.

Who provides the pre-roll ads?

In most cases our customers come with their own pre-roll / demand relationships. It’s a simple process of adding your tag to the ads feature in your Oculu account. We are compatible with most ad tags and demand partners. If you don’t have your own ads contact us and we will either introduce you to a great demand partner - or ( in some cases ) you can use tags that we have.