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Emerging Video Formats By Oculu: Custom Skin Example

 We love pre-roll. In fact, we love it so much we like to get it all dressed up so it can really stun our viewers.  There’s no denying pre-roll works well in advertising, however here at Oculu, we always want to challenge both ourselves and the industry by asking, “but, how can we make […]


Custom Skin The entertainment industry is now leveraging the power of technology by using pre-roll ads over more traditional mediums ( like TV ) to reach audiences. Digital advertising in the entertainment industry is changing, instead of a standard trailer for a movie or TV show, the use of emerging video formats is playing a […]

There is a difference between OTT and CTV

What is the difference between “OTT” “CTV” “MVPD” and how do they all relate to each other? In order to fully understand this new ecosystem let’s start by showing why and how this concept came to be. Historically, video content such as news, sports and lifestyle have been delivered to consumers through a cable provider […]

Oculu opens a new office in Los Altos California

  OCULU, an all-inclusive video technology platform, is excited to announce the opening of its new headquarters in Los Altos, California. “It’s very exciting to open our headquarters in the heart of technology, the Silcon Valley. It was a natural decision to bring our video technology solutions to this area,” said Oculu President, John Cecil. […]

Hiring a video ad production company: Here are certain tips!

In this 21st century, there are unfathomable ways by which you can market your business online. The latest fad is to use online video advertising as your marketing tool which will certainly upgrade your business. Whether you have a big business or small venture that need a large readership, you can make use of this […]

Social Media Linking With Oculu

One of the features Oculu offers is the ability to share your videos via multiple social media outlets. Social shares with video links are important for driving traffic and creating awareness of content.

Marketing’s Best Kept Secret: Online Video

It’s hard to believe that some businesses STILL do not utilize online video as a part of their marketing efforts. Besides boosting SEO results, increasing conversions, and offering a way to inform and entertain your clients, here are some other ways why video is an awesome addition to your site, according to The Agency Post.

Why Your Videos Need To Play On Mobile Devices

Do your videos have mobile video playback capabilities? With Apple having sold more than 316 million iphones and over 700,000 Android devices being activated on a daily basis, it’s no surprise that more people are getting the information they need on the go. Mobile video traffic now takes up 50% of wireless usage!

Online Video Platforms: Going Green through Cloud Video Hosting

The Internet has already come a long way. From serving as a tool of sharing information on scientific and military research and development, it now functions as an almost limitless global trading venue. That significant change can be attributed to the webmasters of the 1960s who first developed the concept of delivering computing resources through […]

The Components that Make Live Video Streaming and Online Video Hosting Work

The Internet offers unlimited sources of information, as well as numerous methods of sharing these between servers and end-users. From simple text, photo, and graphics sharing, websites have developed more advanced ways to improve communication with their viewers. Online video hosting and streaming are good examples of these. A video is a combination of visuals […]

Innovate Media Launches Oculu

Innovate Media Launches Oculu, an Online Video Platform Designed By and For Online Marketers and Video Professionals Costa Mesa, California, April 18th, 2011 –Innovate Media, an industry leader in online video production and delivery is pleased to announce the launch of Oculu, an online video platform offering delivery, management, and reporting capabilities. Over the last […]

The Irrefutable Truth About Video

Your Free Oculu Trial Ends Soon – Click Here To Upgrade For As Little As $16/Mo. Online video is the key to conversions, so if you use online video wisely on your web page, you can absolutely increase the chance of a website conversion. This falls into play based on the fact that online video […]