Emerging Video Formats: Custom overlay with auto detection to nearest store locations (Get Directions)

As attention spans get shorter, Oculu is focused on developing emerging video formats to further engage viewers and improve performance by adding interactive elements such as overlays and end slates to drive more interactions and meet KPI’s

Oculu created dynamic overlays in addition to the pre-roll and an end slate to run after the pre-roll video that will detect a user’s location and direct them to the closest store location. This auto detection feature will “give directions” to the closest Walmart or Target.

Example of the end card that appears after the pre-roll runs. We added “Get More Info” and “Get Directions” buttons to increase landing page visits and drive them to closest location – all of this activity will complement the preroll

Barbie: Desktop Pre-roll
Custom Overlay with Auto detection to nearest store locations (Get Directions)

Barbie: Desktop Pre-roll
Custom End Slate with Auto detection to nearest store locations (Get Directions)

Vertical video with store locator

Vertical video is an emerging format in mobile but rarely used in the horizontal mode. To enhance the pre-roll and mobile click through we will combine the two for greater engagement.

Oculu created an vertical video with a store locator specifically for mobile. The video will play vertically within a geo location highlighting the store closest to the location of the user – promoting Mattel products at Walmart and Target.