Online Video Revolution

Viral Video? Online Video Requires 2 Strategies to Accomplish Frequent Viewing

Search engine optimization and social networking video content are important components in a balanced online video strategy. Online Video Revolution: How to Reinvent and Market Your Business Using Video by John Cecil, available at walks online marketers through steps necessary to optimize performance, profit and presence with online video content. Click to watch now!

Why Online Video Helps Customers Make Decisions to Purchase

Giant leaps in technology have shifted the Internet from a fully text-based format to primarily video-based viewing. Those changes in technology require that your company move forward with the global movement to provide video footage for visiting web customers. But just what does this mean? Find out from John Cecil, author of Online Video Revolution.

OCULU® Eyes Virtual Reality (VR) As the Next Big Frontier for Pre-Roll Advertising Serving and Publisher Revenue

 Orange County, CA — July 8, 2014 — OCULUhas announced initial development of a new video player to serve pre-roll ads directly into platforms using virtual reality (VR) technology. Enhancements OCULUwill make to its video streaming player allows marketers increased delivery options for pre-roll advertising messages.  These advancements into VR create opportunities to directly stream […]

The Power of the Play Button

A video play button is a more than just a way to get a video to start. It’s also a great tool to ensure viewers are seeing your video content and converting! In this short video, John Cecil, author of Online Video Revolution, gives tips on how the power of the play button can improve your online video marketing efforts.

Video Testing Activities For Better Conversions

John Cecil – Author – Online Video Revolution – Available on Amazon Testing Tips for Online Video! Most companies test their landing pages against one another to search for better conversions. But no one tests with video. Why not? We’re saying that if you’re doing testing, you should be testing video against video to get […]

Creating a Video Room

Does your company have a video room? Learn from John Cecil, author of Online Video Revolution, why having video technology at your disposal can help with your online marketing efforts.

3 Ways To Deliver Video Over The Web – Understand These and You Will Increase Conversions

People are continually questioning if video can boost their conversion rates, and while video is becoming an important feature of many websites, the answer is definitely yes. If using online video wisely, you can increase the chance of a website conversion because it allows you to enhance the customer’s ability to understand or relate to an offering, demonstrate convincing features and benefits, and engage with the customers on a more personal level that will create a richer user experience on your webpage. People in general would rather watch a video online than read a 10 page explanation on any general subject.

Why Are You Still Using Text To Market To Your Customers?

Why are you still using text to market to your customers?
A day in the life of your customer – most of them use video in every aspect of their lives. I often ask my customers ( most of who are incredible marketers), “If your customers uses video in every facet of their life why are you using text to market to them?”
Lets look at a day in my life ( I would like to add………..

Using YouTube/Vimeo For On Site Delivery Is Not Your Best Option

5 reasons using just YouTube for video delivery is a disservice to your conversion efforts.
There’s no need to take risks with the marketing message you send your viewers. Whether you select Oculu to host your videos or another service, we urge you to go that extra step and utilize a professional online video platform. Why? Here are the top 5 reasons using just YouTube for video delivery is a disservice to your marketing and sales efforts ( if you want you can replace “vimeo” with you tube anywhere below )

Lets Settle This – Online Video Does Increase Conversions

Online video is the key to conversions, so if you use online video wisely on your web page, you can absolutely increase the chance of a website conversion. This falls into play based on the fact that online video allows you to demonstrate convincing features and benefits, enhance the customer’s ability to understand or