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Increase Conversions – Add Video to Your Website

Looking to add video to a website? Or maybe you already use video and just want to learn how to add video to website content faster and make the most of this technology. Video is a great and innovative way to add to your website. When you add video to a website, it does not […]

Are you enough equipped about the video ad server?

Nowadays, video production has upped the ante, continuing to win the hearts and minds of the audiences and making them cherished and happy. Thus, video production is thriving day by day and making a good impact on the companies by not only uplifting their brand images but also helping them in enhancing their bank balance […]

The prime reasons for using online videos in business

Nowadays, online videos have become an integral part of every business. Since people are sharing an amiable relationship with the online videos, hence companies by adding videos online are becoming dominant in this era. There are multitudinous reasons why companies are inclined in using online videos. Below, we are mentioning some of the core reasons […]

Hiring a video ad production company: Here are certain tips!

In this 21st century, there are unfathomable ways by which you can market your business online. The latest fad is to use online video advertising as your marketing tool which will certainly upgrade your business. Whether you have a big business or small venture that need a large readership, you can make use of this […]

Video hosting for a successful online business

As the popularity of video is burgeoning hastily, the companies are also willingly embracing this latest fad and are spending a chunk of money for video production. It is true that a video production always demands a hefty amount and moreover, it is also time-consuming. So, if you want to utilize your video in a […]

An ultimate guide to video monetization

Video monetization is growing by leaps and bounds as video advertising marketing is evolving continuously. So, video monetization is indubitably the future of targeted advertising and it is the utmost way by which the bloggers and webmasters can make money from their respective blogs and websites. Video monetization is also lucrative for the advertisers too. […]

Why online videos are the best method of marketing?

In the realm of advertising mediums, a commercial video production is undoubtedly the most sure-fire way to reach the global customers within a few seconds. If you know how to make an enthralling and substantive video, then you can certainly thrive the stiff competition. Though you need to spend a chunk of money for video […]

Getting Creative With Your Demonstration Video Strategy

There’s a difference between “advertainment” and marketing your product. But just how can you make your online video marketing efforts have an impact but also be creative? Find out what Ryan Stone, founder of Retina Burn, a blog dedicated to online video marketing, thinks in this first post of our Guest Expert series.

Start Optimizing Your Online Videos Today

Search engines like Google use a Site Map to find your video online. For many reasons, YouTube’s built in site map does not allow many favorable options to generate solid leads for your company. In fact, it often drives customers away by distracting them with ads. With a custom site map hosted on a third party site, you have more options for placement, and a better chance of keeping that customer on your site.

Product Tip – How To Videos

How-to videos are being used by many companies to inform costumers about their products in a familiar way.
This approach has proven to be an effective way to increase conversions while not seeming aggressive toward the viewers. People don’t like to be told what to buy, they want to make an informed decision for themselves.

Fishing with Social Media–Using Video as Bait

Melanie Peters – Social Media Specialist Content + Social Media =’s Conversion I recently held a Video Marketing workshop in which I used the analogy of your web site being an island; if you want to get fed (Conversions) you gotta put your line in the water (Social Media Networks) and bait with what’s gonna […]

Cloud Video Hosting Services for Businesses

In today’s digital age, almost everybody uses the Internet to perform even the simplest of tasks. People use it to communicate, gather information, make transactions, and many other things. Even a lot of businesses use the Internet as a marketing tool. With its speed and accessibility, the Internet is an excellent channel to promote one’s […]