Video SEO Solved!

Custom made videos and optimized video site maps designed to enhance your SEO efforts for just $495 per month

Production of 6 one-minute videos specifically designed for your business

Our Video SEO tool creates a custom site map for each video title

Your video site maps are submitted to search engines, even Google

Videos are even placed onto your own YouTube channel for an added SEO boost


What You Get

  • 6 professionally produced videos created specifically for your site
  • Script editing, all filming, and post production of your videos
  • Submission of your video site maps and thumbnails to search engines
  • Oculu Basic+ account for EASY video management, delivery, and analytics
  • Choice of male or female talent

Finer Details

  • $495 per month for 6 months for video production and delivery
  • $45 per month after that for ongoing video delivery
  • Includes 5000 video plays per month
  • Or upgrade to another plan for more video plays here
  • Unlimited video uploads for videos that you create
  • 20 GB total storage capacity
  • Ongoing video site map management

Oculu Turn-Key Video SEO Package

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