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Video Dashboard


Video Reports


Video Tab


Video Formats


Code Insertion

Your Starting Point for Encoding, Hosting & Streaming

Upload videos with ease with our state of the art upload tool

View all your videos in a large clear dashboard page

Preview your video with a click of a button

Track upload date, file size and video length

See if your video is active or inactive



Manage Everything Via our Video Dashboard

Easy to use video title dashboard for casual or serious video marketers

Each video in your account has its own easy to use dashboard page

3 video delivery formats to choose from: overlay, embed or lightbox

Deactivate or activate live code on your site with a simple drop down

Add cookies to your video for better onsite user experiences

Make changes in realtime without having to change the script/code

Change video click paths on the fly and create trackable links

Measure, Test and Optimize Video Campaigns

View over 10 points of data for each video in the reports dashboard

Compare video starts vs video completions

Change data by date range so you can compare performance

Track where videos are being watched with our geo locator

See how your videos are doing by tracking ctrs, user plays, user stops and more