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Video Syndication Tool

How to work Video Syndication Tool  Here is how our Video Syndication Tool / Video Channels works First things first…Click on the Feature Tab! Under the Feature Tab see the option called “Video Channels” click the Start Using button.   You can also open directly within Features tab and choose syndication tab. In this Feature create […]

Pre-Roll Tools For Publishers

Did you know that Oculu makes managing video content and serving pre-roll ads easy for publishers? Our video toolbox offers features that make monetizing your content even more valuable. Find out all that Oculu offers for publishers!

What Files Formats Does Oculu Accept?

Oculu encodes your video files in multiple file formats, codecs, resolutions and bit rates. This is to ensure playback via mobile and desktop devices as well as providing playback resolution options for the end viewer. Oculu revises these settings constantly to accommodate the evolving market. The settings can by modified on this page https://my.oculu.com/videouploads/ by selecting […]