Creating a Start Asset

Originally streamed live on Facebook 3/05/17.”

John Cecil – Innovate Media / Oculu

I am gonna show you how to create start asset for your video which will make it clickable. So, here we are on Oculu platform & this is an account with multiple videos with in it.

I am gonna create an Start Asset for this video by clicking on the video title & i will end up on that company’s preview page. This guy already has a start asset. I am gonna delete it & press save. Instead now by default this video will play autoplay. But we are gonna create start asset. We call it start asset it’s called a poster. Typically it just a click image. We are gonna do that by clicking on create your own video & then Oculu chooses multiple frames from the video for you to choose from click save & press save changes again & there you have i just create a start asset for this video which make set click to play & clickable play the video.


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