EVF’s look for ways to directly connect the viewer with the message. When done properly, pre-roll (connected with various graphics and engagement options) gets attention, increases view through and click through rates.



Overlay is a banner that plays on top of a given pre-roll, typically across the bottom of the frame. It adds a call to action on your video in a non disruptive direct response way ……. See Example


End Card

End Card is a slate that appears at the end of a pre-roll video ad. The purpose of the End Card is to provide engagement opportunities for viewers once the ad comes to an end…….
See Example


Custom Skin

Custom Skin is a dynamic background for pre-roll used for larger presentations of information. The pre-roll shrinks into the screen creating a canvas to communicate your message……. See Example




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1. Overlay

Overlay is a banner that plays on top of a given pre-roll, typically across the bottom of the frame. It adds a call to action on your video in a non disruptive direct response way. Overlays are valuable additions to pre-roll because they can give important information throughout the entire ad, such as show times, sales, or updates. Furthermore, all overlays are clickable and will take viewers to the advertised site. Watch VIDEO to see how the overlay works

Your overlay banner can include clickable content such as:

  • “Learn More” to directs viewer to advertised site
  • “Watch Now” to direct viewer to full video
  • Geo Location for brick and mortar stores or businesses
  • Product Branding
  • Target by Language or Demo
  • Television/movie Showtimes and Dates

The prime benefit of utilizing our Overlay video format is its consistency in increasing view click through rate. To prove the Overlay makes a significant and valuable difference, Oculu ran A/B testing between bare pre-roll and pre-roll accompanied by our Overlay format and the data is available to you below:

  • Video Ad WITHOUT Overlay :
  • :15 second ad → .25 CTR
  • :30 second ad → .45 CTR
  • Video Ad WITH Overlay
  • :15 second ad → .38 CTR
  • :30 second ad → .45 CTR


2. End Card

The End Card is a slate that appears at the end of a pre-roll video ad. The purpose of the End Card is to provide engagement opportunities for viewers once the ad comes to an end. You can look at the End Card as an opportunity for advertisers to display important information regarding the product/service on a larger readable screen. End cards also have the ability to add fun interactive concepts to an ad. Watch VIDEO to see how the end card works

Your End Card can include content such as:

  • A Geographic showing the location of one’s business/event 
  • An Interactive Game or Activity (“Get to Know the Characters,” “Discover Hawaii”)
  • Details about your product or service
  • And much more! (The End Card has the range to become whatever you want it to be!)

End cards are efficient in increasing video completion rates. If you are are looking for an increase in video completion rate on your pre-roll, take a look at the data we’ve gathered from A/B testing our End Cards below: 

  • Video WITHOUT end card
  • :15 second 72% VCR
  • :30 second 68% VCR
  • Video WITH end card :30 second
  • :15 second 87% VCRd
  • :30 second 79% VCR

3. Custom Skin

The Custom Skin is a dynamic background for pre-roll video. Building off the aforementioned Overlay format, the Custom Skin can be seen as a continuation of said Overlay — after roughly 5 seconds of the pre-roll video playing with Overlay, the pre-roll shrinks into the viewer’s screen, moving to the top right corner, allowing the Custom Skin to shine. The pre-roll continues to play, only now with the backdrop of a full clickable image of the show/brand until the ad is over. This way, viewers can interact with your brand without interrupting the ad. You can use Custom Skin for greater presentation of important information, better brand recognition, or as a way to draw viewers to your site or service with interactive features. Watch VIDEO to see how the custom skin works

Examples of Custom Skin options include:

  • Coupons and Promotions via “Save Now!” clickables & graphics 
  • Integrated Show/Movie Titles and Poster Images (and details regarding) 
  • Infographics on Product/Service 
  • Dynamic Creative portraying anything your brand finds captivating!

The Custom Skin is most effective in increasing viewer click through rates as it typically provides captivating and productive clickables. The data below pulled from our own A/B testing can attest here:

  • Video Ad WITHOUT Custom Skin
  • :15 second ad → 78% CTR
  • :30 second ad → 73% CTR
  • Video Ad WITH Custom Skin
  • :15 second ad → 89% CTR
  • :30 second ad → 85% CTR

EVF Gallery

Oculu has created hundreds of emerging video formats campaigns for all types of customers – take a look at all of the examples:

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EVF - Case Studies

To make sure our clients are in the loop with the success of their ads while using Oculu’s Emerging Formats, we have been diligent in managing campaign data, while simultaneously making it transparent. One of the ways we convey our impact is through our case studies.


Below you will find a series of case studies that will widen your knowledge of our Emerging Formats as well as provide the data to back up their power.


Great use of video and geo targeting we developed dynamic Overlays + pre-roll and an end slate to run as the ad. The campaign detected a user’s location and directed them to the nearest location. This auto detection feature will gave directions to the closest clinic…..Learn More


Video created ran not only as assets on their social media channel but also used as for a complementary paid social and pre-roll campaign that drove traffic to the web property and social media outlets.


We used the Overlay Format to provide this campaign’s necessity: closed captioning. We were able to achieve our client’s goal of serving their video ads programmatically; here’s how it played out…..Learn More


The entertainment industry is now using pre-roll ads over more traditional mediums ( like TV ) to reach audiences. For CW we used emerging video formats to enhance their tune in campaign. The pre-roll ran and then would shrink into the screen landing into a custom skin that gave the advertiser additional opportunities for exposure and clicks. Learn More »

Geolocation Advertising

Have you ever seen an advertisement that drew you in? And then you click it because you’re interested? And then you land on a page and come to find out, the business of your interest is 100 miles away from you? Can you feel your initial excitement dissipate in the miles and miles of space in between? Learn More »


Since attention spans are getting shorter, Innovate focused on mobile and developed a vertical video unit to further engage viewers and improve performance. Management of the pre-roll buy and creation of unique video formats led to increased click opportunities and view through rates.
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