All Inclusive Video Technology Platform

VIDEO: Hosting, Streaming, Encoding, Bandwidth, Ad Serving, Syndication
(across all devices) for Businesses and Publishers

  • Fully adaptive/responsive video player: html5, flash and 360 delivery
  • Playback on all desktop browsers, mobile (ios and Android) and VR device
  • Customize your video execution with our javascript API
  • 3 video delivery formats to choose from: overlay, embed or lightbox
  • Serve Pre, Mid and Post Roll ads ( Vast and Google IMA)
  • Play HLS or MPEG-DASH with fast startup, no buffering / no plugins
  • View multiple data points for each video and ad in the reports dashboard


Known industry wide as one of the pioneers in the online video platform category - The Oculu Player- is live on thousands of sites and streams millions of video plays each month.

Streaming & Encoding

Professional, seamless, multi screen video player platform for 360, html5 and flash video. Storage and streaming for businesses and publishing.

Pre-Roll Ad Serving

Video ads on any device ( Vast & Google IMA). Monetization platform for Publishers built to maximize revenue by efficient delivery to all devices

Video Syndication Network

Revenue generation for your videos by creating your own channels (create playlists, add publisher sites, syndicate videos, garner revenue).