Taking the Corporate World by Storm with Small Business Video Hosting

Businesses, regardless of their size and reputation, are now turning to the World Wide Web to secure their position in their respective industries. There is now an unwritten rule that makes putting up a website an almost mandatory ingredient in business success. However, it pays to know that simple online presence is not enough. It can only go as far as leading visitors to the site. To make visitors stay on the site and entice them to purchase products and services, business owners must focus on content.

How does a small business owner like you rise to the occasion? This is where small business video hosting comes in. Video hosting refers to a kind of web hosting service in which the video host provides a platform for people to upload videos to a website. Uploaded videos are kept on the video host’s servers so other people can visit the website and watch the video.

What’s so great about adding videos to your website? Video presentations enhance the overall website experience. Text and images are not really enough to convey strong emotions and personality. Videos, on the other hand, provide a more interactive experience. They can be used to highlight promotions and provide tutorials. This type of content can also encourage visitors to spend more time on a page and possibly ignite their interest in trying out your offers.

There are two ways to start video hosting. You either use a video hosting website or an online video platform. There are thousands of video hosting websites. Some of them, like YouTube, do not require any payment as they make money through advertising. However, you won’t be allowed to take a more aggressive marketing approach, as the videos you upload cannot be branded.

If you do not want to encounter the same restrictions as that present for some video hosting websites, online video platforms are good alternatives. They provide absolute freedom for users to upload videos no matter how lengthy they are or how big the file size is. Branding can be established because you are allowed to create your own video player or video players with your company’s logo. You also have full control of everything that has to do with your video, including the comments section. You can easily remove inappropriate comments made about your video.

Recent statistics show that 48 hours of videos are uploaded every minute and 100 million videos are watched every day. These figures beat how much television people watch daily. Given these facts, it’s pretty clear that small business video hosting is a big part of the future of Internet marketing.