Why Are You Still Using Text To Market To Your Customers?

John Cecil – Author – Online Video Revolution – Available on Amazon

A day in the life of your customer – most of them use video in every aspect of their lives. I often ask my customers  (most of who are incredible marketers), “If your customers uses video in every facet of their life why are you using text to market to them?”

Lets look at a day in my life ( I would like to add that I’m sort of old and most of your customers are a lot younger than me / meaning they probably use a lot of video). When I’ll wake up in the morning I will be involved in video in a couple ways. I’ll go online then I’ll look at highlights from last night’s games via video – I don’t read texts anymore, I don’t read articles. I’ll go online and I’ll watch ESPN or some video clip of the Lakers or whatever and then I basically get my media, my news through video now. I don’t even touch the newspaper, but I don’t really need text anymore. I watch video.

In the car my kids are obviously watching videos as well. The whole family is involved in video. Then I get to work and a lot of my communication at work is through Skype now. So I’m constantly talking to people on Skype. We do work with overseas companies. I have those communications on Skype. We have Call Center relationships; I talk to them on Skype. That’s all video. When I pull into the parking structure, at an office building, there are video security cameras. The point is, there is video touching your life even when you least suspect it. Like for example, at the ATM now. The gas station and the convenience all have video now.

I download movies on to my iPad to watch movies. The whole mobile world is changing and that’s all becoming online video. I spend a lot more time on YouTube watching videos, than I used to. I get my entertainment content –not all of it but – a lot of it is on YouTube and a lot of it is obviously through shorter clips, video snaps, versus long form programming. I don’t watch Saturday Night Live anymore, I watch clip of Saturday Night Live that I find on the web.

When I go on to Google to look at my AdWords account, Google communicating on how to do things via video. When I get emails I check out the video link. I watch videos on mobile and on my iPad. Google is putting more online video ads as part of their PPC management. We are going to see a lot of pre-click videos where you can watch a video of a customer which is essentially an ad of what someone does before clicking on a site.

The point is all of this is surrounding us. Then I go to your website and you market to me using text. Why? If video is involved in every aspect of my life I probably wont respond if I am “marketed to” using text.