API – Ad Tag URL

You can set Adtag URLfor your video without changing the video properties using oculu portal all you have to do follow these steps.

  1. Get the embed code from the oculu portal

  2. Add extra parameter “api=true”on the end of the external library (im_initiate)

  3. Then you can add the setting for adTag url , by adding the setting on API this will overwrite the properties of ad that was set on the oculu portal, e.g you set a liverail ad on that video and then you use API to set a google ad,  the ad will appear on the video will google not liverail.
  4. Once everything is setup you just simply add the method to initialize the video player and its called “OCPlayVideo” pass the parameter oc_settings to it then your video with new setting will start playing.

for live source code you can click here and view source code.