By default a clickpath can be defined inside the oculu portal, my.oculu.com. To define a clickpath outside the oculu portal, add the following to the Oculu video insertion code.   im_is_loaded_ep({ video_id:1392650540 ,start_asset:“http://oculudirect.oculu.com/images/layout/oculu/lightbox.jpg” ,end_asset:“http://oculudirect.oculu.com/images/layout/oculu/lightbox.jpg” ,click_path: “VAST/index.php” }); code need to be add in im_loaded_ep object clickPath iFrame Example Code -> working http://www.oculu.com/im4/im_embed.php?company=1847703219&id=1392650540&served=EdgeCast&k… using get […]

Start & End Poster (Start & End Asset)

Start Asset and End Asset API is where you can define the Url of the image in string format. To add Start Asset or End asset you just have to place the start_asset and or end_asset in oculu API. Demo: Start Asset: im_play_ep({video_id:xxx, start_asset :‘http://wwww.domain.com/image.jpg’}); End Asset: im_play_ep({video_id:xxx, end_asset :‘http://wwww.domain.com/image.jpg’}); Start Asset + End Asset: […]

API – Default Video Playback Resolution

If the video title is encoded at multiple resolutions, the default playsize can be defined via the portal UI, my.oculu.com. Or, directly in page with the following. play_size:360 play_size:720 im_is_loaded_ep({ video_id:xxxxxxxxx , play_size:xxx });