Creating a Start Asset

Originally streamed live on Facebook 3/05/17.” John Cecil – Innovate Media / Oculu I am gonna show you how to create start asset for your video which will make it clickable. So, here we are on Oculu platform & this is an account with multiple videos with in it. I am gonna create an Start […]

Create Playlist

How to create playlist from your Oculu account. Go to your video dashboard and click the action button then create folder Once you already have the folder you can now start upload on your playlist or if you have existing videos you can just drag videos into the folder. Click the button “Playlist” setup the […]

Oculu Encoding Settings

Oculu provides a set of encode bitrates which we think are the best balance of quality, resolution, storage, and bandwidth to accommodate the various end user devices. The settings can by modified on this page by selecting “Encoding Settings.”   If you want to Import MRSS then click on Import MRSS Button. It will […]

Getting Started With Oculu

Getting started with Oculu is simple. In this quick video tutorial, learn how to upload a video using your new Oculu account, get it onto your site, and start sharing it with your email contacts and social networks. Watch now!

How To Mix Audio For Internet Delivery

Want to learn how to mix and optimize audio for your video? View these step by step instructions for optimizing dialog for video delivery via the internet. Final Cut Pro is used in this tutorial, however, the same concept applies to any video editing application.

Screen Capture Video Tutorials

Set Capture Area Size Consider sizing your capture area to accommodate HD video sizes, which is the most common way to distribute video files across various online platforms. Transcription: Hi Dave from Oculu. This is the 1st in a series of screen capture video tutorials and this 1st title covers sizing your capture area. The 1st consideration is […]

How To Prep Video Files For Upload

How to prep video files for Upload – Why a “big” file can be a problem and how to resolve the issue. The examples presented here apply to many apps, file formats and operating systems. The specific tools used in the demo are not a requirement.

How to Add Video to a Website: From Scripts to Clicks

Putting up your video on a web page is nothing like putting glue at the back of a picture and pasting it on a surface. For the record, the video must first be hosted by a video hosting platform to enable it to play when people visit your site. To code and design a website […]

How To: Reduce the Size of Your Video File

Information on how to Reduce the Size of Your Video File. You’ve hired the talent, shot your video, and edited it so it’s just right. There’s only one problem: your video file is too large to upload. Never fear, in this video, Dave Winters shows how to re-encode a video to create a smaller file size while maintaining a decent picture quality.

Video: How to Make Multiple Video Clips From One Large Video File

David Winters – Innovate Media / Oculu Information on: How to Make Multiple Video Clips From One Large Video File. In this video, Oculu’s own Dave Winters explains how to create multiple episodic videos out of one long video clip. For example, if you have an hour long source clip and want to be able to cut it up into three separate 20 minute segments in order to chapterize it on your web page, this is one approach to doing that.