Social Media Linking With Oculu

One of the features Oculu offers is the ability to share your videos via multiple social media outlets.  Social shares with video links are important for driving traffic and creating awareness of content.

Traditionally, to create awareness of a video or other content, advertisers and companies would rely on bloggers and journalists to link their page to an entry or article.  Of course, it takes an exponential amount of time longer to write and read a blog than it does to write and read a 140-character Tweet.  By sharing your video on various social media outlets, your video has the ability to be shared or re-tweeted hundreds of times as compared to a small link in a single post.

In addition, new content discovery through social linking often motivates a search from the consumer and drives them to your website.  And when the links in social shares are repeated throughout the Internet, search engines start to factor that link into generic searches, resulting in more exposure for your company.

Raise your brand awareness and increase SEO by sharing a video with Oculu today.