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Professional Video Hosting Service Provider

10 Reasons to Use Professional Video Hosting

Money doesn’t grow on trees. So why should anyone spend their hard-earned cash on a professional video hosting provider when there are free websites available, like YouTube? Well, the answer is simple: You get what you pay for and free hosting providers don’t provide fundamental services that you can get with paid video hosting companies. Here is a short list of how a professional video hosting service provider can benefit you and your company:
Customer Support
A free product doesn’t guarantee great customer service and support. So what do you do if any problems come up? A good professional video hosting company will be prepared to help you with any troubleshooting and ensure you have a positive experience!
Actionable Analytics
People love knowing their number of video views on YouTube; but with the help of a professional video hosting provider, you can also get in-depth reports that allow you to see who watched your videos and how much they watched. This information is beneficial for getting the results you want because you know what aspects of your video are effective and what aspects could use adjustments.
Do you know who is watching your videos? Unlike free hosting providers, a professional video hosting service provider allows you to control and share videos with high security.
For works in progress, professional video hosting allows you to limit your videos’ audience and solicit comments in a private environment. These review and approval controls make it easy to collaborate on content. No more unwanted spam comments, just thoughtful remarks from collaborators and customers.
Removing YouTube branding from their players can prove to be difficult if not impossible. Luckily, there is no need to worry about that with a professional video hosting. Your online video will be completely about you and your company.
Focus on Your Goals and Don’t Support Your Competitors Goals
Using video hosts like YouTube can distract your customers from the goal of your video. How? YouTube supports ads and features like “Related Videos” that lure people off of your site and can actually direct them to your competitors videos. You want your video to promote you, not YouTube or your competition!
Complete Control
You don’t want to have a YouTube watermarked video embedded on your site, and you definitely don’t want You Tube marketing your competitors after your video plays on your site. The perfect solution to these is a professional online video platform that ensures your video is all about you and your company, nothing else.
Company Firewalls
Many companies have firewalls that block access to sites like YouTube. You definitely don’t want your promotional video to be restricted from viewers. With professional video hosting, you won’t have this issue.
Video hosts such as YouTube bring together the funny, outrageous, and spirited, to create an enjoyable environment. Unfortunately, this environment is also unpredictable, uncontrollable, and probably a disadvantage to your company and the message you want your video to convey.
Online Video Platforms are Cost Effective
Not to worry, online video platforms are definitely valuable, and many are also cost effective. Oculu offers packages starting as low as $19. per month.
Why should you pay for video hosting when you can get it for free?
Why should you pay for someone to do your taxes when you can do them yourself?
Why sleep on a bed when you can sleep on the floor?
The obvious answer to each question is quality. And that bring us back to the main point that you get what you pay for: with a professional video host, you will definitely get an online video experience that reflects goals with quality and professionalism!