How to Setup Live Stream

To start using Live Streaming Service of Oculu you will need these things

  1. Device that will capture the event , a video camera for example.
  2. Live Stream Sever,  Oculu provide that service but you can use your own server.
  3. A web page you want your audience to watch your streaming

To setup live stream you first need to loging to youre Oculu account and got to “Features” tab.

Click the “Start Using” button on  Live Stream Beta to go to the Live Stream page where you can manage your live streams.

On Live Stream Page you will see all of your live stream that you created you can manage them by using the buttons on the right side of each live stream list.

To add new entry just simply click the “Create Live Stream” button on the bottom of the list and it will give you form where you can input all necessary data.

  • Live Stream Name : this will be the name/title of your live stream and it will appear on the top of your preview page
  • Description : make short description of you live stream it will also appear on your preview page
  • Live Media Server: If you select Oculu we will auto fill the rtmp, stream-if and hls inputs for you but if you select other you have to fill each as they are required
  • RTMP, Stream ID , HLS : are required inputs which will be the url of your media for flash and for html5 format
  • Autoplay : If you select yes video plays when the page loads if no the Poster Image will appear and you should click it before video plays.
  • Status:  You can set your stream status to publish or draft , select publish if you want to make the livestream active draft if inactive
  • VPAID/VAST: Select ad that you have inputted of our account if your want to show pre-roll ad on your live stream
  • Poster Image Url: this will act as play button if your livestream is not autoplay

If your are new to live stream and does not familiar with rtmp, stream id, and hls . Just simply click the tooltip and it will show you what it is for.

Once everything is final hit save button and it will be added on your live stream list.

Click preview button to see if your live stream is set accordingly and this is how it should look like