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Business Traffic: The Power of Video and Why Video SEO Matters

Repairing a leak in your roof is a bit complicated, so you would want more explanation to help you do it right. Which is more helpful? A thousand-word how-to instruction or a two-minute video? Chances are, you’d rather watch the video than slog through the thousand words. You absorb the information you need faster when you watch than when you read.

Video Makes Traffic

Unlike words, video uses both senses of sight and sound. This means more brain activity. As a content viewer, you experience this in terms of engagement. You respond more to video than when you read text. Simply compare the amount of views on YouTube and the comments a text-heavy blog generates. It is no surprise then that many bloggers who post videos have more traffic on their page than those who don’t. Even better, business companies who manage their own videos using a specific video management system to get the traffic they want.
To generate more traffic for your site, you create and upload videos. However, if you are using popular hosting sites like YouTube, the traffic most likely ends up there. As a business owner, it makes sense to want to drive that traffic to your site instead. This is why you’d be better off with another video management system and other video hosting services found online. Their video management software makes it easy for you to manage the videos you create. The end point is that your site hosts your own video.

Why Video SEO matters

It makes even more sense if you are a businessman who relies on the Internet to market your products and services. If your page has video content, then it is more likely that it rates higher than your competitor’s page which has none. However, with the sheer volume of video uploaded every hour, it is a smart business move if you combine your use of video syndication software with video SEO or VSEO tactics to make your video content rank well.
Given that 70% of Internet users watch video online and 50% of web traffic is video, it does not take much to imagine the number of hits your site can convert to sales. That is, if you optimize your video content. The basic techniques are available online. You can even hire professionals for a more competitive edge.
It is no surprise that most business companies nowadays use video syndication software and have VSEO campaigns. The benefits of video management software and video SEO for Internet marketing are hard to miss: a higher page rank, more page views, more customers, more sales, bigger revenues. However, it’s not just the money. In the end, you simply make it easier for users to locate the video they need.