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How can you make a captivating pre-roll video ad for your audiences?

Online video ads are the most effective way by which a company can stand out from the rest despite stiff competition. These days a lot of business owners are putting an arduous effort and time in making an enthralling video ad so that they can tap a wider audience through the internet. The rising popularity of the internet has surpassed all the traditional methods of advertising like TV, newspaper etc. Hence, nowadays, the companies are spending a chunk of money in making online video ads because of its distinct benefits.
There are basically three types of video ads and an advertiser is free to choose any of them depending on its requirements. Three types of video ads are pre-roll video ad, post-roll video ad and mid-roll video ad.
Pre-roll video ad
Pre-roll video ads are the most common and applauded form of online video advertisement which are usually played at the beginning of the content. The time duration of a pre-roll video ad is 10-15 secs but a user can skip it and can enter into the content directly. According to the survey conducted by VideoNuze (a video analysis and news website), almost half of all audiences usually prefer to watch pre-roll ads till the end, even though they have an option to skip those ads. Hence, the pre-roll video ads occupy 70% of the total video advertisements.
How can you make an effective pre-roll video ad?
Below, we are mentioning how you can make your pre-roll video ads more intriguing so that the audiences can get attracted to them.

  • Try to connect with your audiences: Instead of telling about your company or your service, you keep the focus on your audiences. By making pre-roll ads, you should try to entertain or delight your audiences within this short time so that they can stick with the ad till the end.
  • Try to finish your ad within 5-10 secs: If your ad is long and intricate, then you can’t place them as pre-roll ads else your audience will certainly press the skip button. So, make your ad short and crisp which can instigate your viewers to watch them.
  • Never run traditional ads as pre-roll: If you are planning for a pre-roll ad, then first you need to understand that there are a lot of differences between playing an ad on television and the internet. An audience can bear a 30-sec ad on television, but the same ad of 30 secs they can’t tolerate it on the internet. So, while planning for a pre-roll ad, try to make original pre-roll ads instead of recycling TV spots.
  • The pre-roll ad is not an impression: The prime advantage of a pre-roll ad is that your viewers can directly interact with the ad by clicking on it. So, you don’t need to place phone numbers or URLs in the ad. Despite this advantage, most of the pre-roll ads focus on the long-form copy without a clear next step. You must remember that the pre-roll is not a presentation rather it is a tool to get people to click.

Now, you have a plenty of ideas about pre-roll ads, so if you are planning for a pre-roll ad, then try to focus on your ad content. A compelling ad content will definitely help you to connect the right audiences and make your investment a worthy.