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Why Choose Video Hosting for Business?

Video content is becoming very popular in this web-influenced world. This has become of the influential ways to attract audience globally. Especially, the online businesses are gaining huge benefits from this video content.
Video hosting for business is trending in the present world, creating ample opportunities for the businesses to reach a high position in the competitive market. Completion is becoming tougher with many companies and individual business people emerging at an increasing rate. Internet has given the space for everyone to accommodate, whereas if you want to sustain over long run, then attempting some unique strategies is imperative. In this array, video hosting is becoming an effective approach.
How does Video Hosting compliment your Business?

  • Videos can certainly pull the attention of the customers while enabling the businesses to provide better customer support. To say, business videos can promptly support in case of any trouble arise
  • This is an advanced delivery method that even enables your videos to be smartphone and tablet compatible, therefore the chances of reaching more audience is high
  •  These videos are firewall friendly, therefore, there will be no issues in hosting the videos unlike others
  • The customization settings available will help to make changes as required
  • It becomes possible to share videos with others via social networks like Facebook and Twitter. This will increase views and exposures of your business videos
  • Since the video hosting platforms offer basic analytics, it becomes ease to measure the impact of videos
  • It becomes an other effective marketing opportunity by just attaching the SEO tags to your videos

Free video Hosting platforms
Besides understanding the key features and advantages of video hosting for business, here we see various platforms that support free video hosting;

  • YouTube, by Google is a very popular video hosting platform. You can find millions of videos here. It is the most advantageous video hosting platform with distinctive features. It enables to include ads anywhere around the video. Moreover, the partner program of YouTube will enable you to earn revenue from advertising.
  • Vimeo: Although this is not popular like YouTube, you can still get high-quality video content hosted  
  • Wistia: This platform is specially designed for hosting business videos. The integration of Twitter further makes this platform watchable from within a tweet.
  • Sprout Video: This platform will help to integrate video content into your business marketing strategy by simply adding call to action, creating playlists, collecting email forms and tracking how an individual user interact with your content
  • Viewbix: Although this platform does not provide video hosting, it still allow companies to insert interactivity into the video content, such as email campaign, sales transactions and much more
  • Brightcove: This is an other comprehensive alternative of YouTube, which enables you to easily add custom video players to the website, mobile and social media profile.
  • Vidyard: This is a real-time analytics, which enables channel the data into your Hubspot, Eloqua and Market records. This platform will capture email leads and track how the visitors are engaged