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Direct Response Landing Page Tips That Work For Videos

We recently stumbled across this ClickZ article from SiteTuners own Tim Ash.
Although this article deals with how to optimize a direct response landing page, it also is a great blue print for both producing and incorporating video onto a site as well. Here are a few key take aways:
Make Your Introduction Compelling
Just like the headline on a page should grab someone’s attention, so should your video. If you don’t grab the viewer’s attention immediately, they’ll lose interest and abandon your site within seconds. The longer a viewer sticks around, the more likely they’ll convert.
Understand The Fold
No one wants to scroll down to find the information they need on a page. Users want to see key information as fast and easily as possible. So why are you still placing a video below the fold? Your video is a key source of information that should be front and center for viewers to be able to watch. Avoid forcing users to scroll for information or look below the page fold.
Remove The Unnecessary
Have a lot going on on your site? A cluttered website makes it difficult for a user to locate pertinent information. Remove unnecessary text and images so they can understand the key benefits of your site and your video.
Stick To The Facts
Just like your landing page should have short amounts of text that sticks to the important details, so should your video content. No one wants to hear the history of your company or a long winded monologue on why your the best. Stick to the facts, why it would benefit the viewer and have a clear call to action for the sake of conversions.
Get Supported
Many landing pages have text based testimonials from clients. But why not make this information video based? It’s another key way to reach your audience with content that shows your expertise and influence.
Testing 123
What kind of content converts the most users? Many companies use A/B testing to figure out which combination of design, colors, fonts and copy achieve the best results. Why not do the same with your video content. You can compare calls to action, talent, video length, and more to see what converts best for you.
Bottomline: Make use of video on your landing pages. This is one of the best ways to make a direct response landing page, or any page, successful. It’s a great way to provide compelling information to your viewers that not only engages them but also makes them more likely to convert.