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Edgecast- Oculu's Content Delivery Network

Did you know that Oculu serves videos faster than any OVP on the market? It’s all due to our relationship with Edgecast, the world’s fastest and most reliable content delivery network, or CDN. Our partnership with them means your company can dramatically accelerate the delivery of video, significantly improving your customers experience regardless of location.
In this video, Edgecast filmed Oculu employees about their experience in using their services. Watch to learn more or read on to find out what exactly a CDN is.
A CDN, or Content Delivery Network, is basically a giant network of servers around the world. These data centers can also be synonymous with the mysterious “cloud” that everyone so loosely refers to.
At Oculu, we use several CDN companies to give our clients and their viewers the best video playback experience possible.
The reason why we use content delivery networks to stream your videos is simple: It creates a fastermore reliable andultimately better end user experience.
Most video hosting companiesincluding the big free video hosting providersdo not partner and pay for Content Delivery Networks. Rather, they will typically serve your video from a single data center location, which can result in a poor user experience and ultimately hurt your company’s brand.
Imagine someone in Tokyo is watching your sales video being served from a video hosting company based in Boston who doesn’t use a CDN. Since that video information has to travel farther to be seen, chances are the viewer will experience buffering, skipping and other delays. Not exactly what you want a potential client to see.
Now imagine that same user is watching your video hosted by Oculu utilizing our CDN partner Edgecast. Your video will be served from Tokyo, creating the best experience for your viewer. The result is a happy prospect who can watch your video content without delay.