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Eight Golden Rules For Online Video Success: #4 Location, Location, Location

Eight Golden Rules For Online Video Success: #4 Location, Location, Location

Hi I’m John Cecil and this is video number four in my eight part series, “Eight Golden Rules For Online Video Success.”
Rule #4: Location, Location, Location
I’m not selling real estate. I’m talking about online video and where you’re placing it on your website.
Below the fold? Above the fold? Is it off of a click? Is it embedded within the page? Is it on top of your messaging or below your messaging?
The location that you put your video on your webpage will not only effect the way people click on it to play it, but the way they interact with the video.
Thinking about your video’s location on your page means planning your viewer’s experience before the content is produced. Where will your viewers see your video? How will they see it? Will it be in one location or multiple locations? Will they be able to control the volume, play time, or other features as they view?
Lack of consideration to these concerns can promote increased viewer abandonment rates after final production of your online video content. Abandonment means the viewer did not watch your full message and left before the last frames showed.
Delivery decisions can place you at the forefront of this information. Why? Considering delivery and your viewer’s experience you will want to help them keep their attention on your video, enjoy your content and make a purchase.
I’ll give you an example. Embedded videos have the full space taken up on your website. They show a graphic of a video and they are asking users to click on it to play the play the video and it plays in that space.
Is that more effective than having a button that clicks and the video pops up over the screen via a lightbox video format?
I don’t necessarily know the answer for your business, but I know thinking about where you are going to put the video is going to be very important on whether you’re successful or not with online video.
Rule #4: Location, Location, Location- Think about and analyze where you are going to put the video on your website so your users can watch easily and convert better using video.
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