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Eight Golden Rules For Online Video Success: #5 Let The Script Speak For Itself

Eight Golden Rules For Online Video Success: #5 Let The Script Speak For Itself

Hi I’m John Cecil and this is video number five in my eight part series, “Eight Golden Rules For Online Video Success.”
Rule #5: Let The Script Speak For Itself
What I’m talking about is clear and concise messaging within your scripting process. We’ve written thousands of scripts at Innovate and we always get scripts from marketers that are too long winded, that don’t get to the point and run on and on and on.
I’ve talked about this before. You have 60 seconds. That’s all you get to communicate your message with online video. And the first 10 seconds are the most important.
The content you are providing will be viewed online by viewers educating themselves about your product or service.  Your intent is to increase your sales conversions by turning prospects into buyers.  Going overboard with your video includes producing confusing content for your viewers to watch, longer than necessary video length, including multiple messages, unneeded information or other content that can distract them from your primary purpose.
When your content is short and specific you’ll find that customers will be moved to the next step in your sales cycle.  Video that is 60-seconds or shorter has the best success rate for informing, educating and engaging web viewers.
Not enough time to get your message across?  Ask viewers to take one step per video.  If you have more than one step in your sales cycle or a longer message then make multiple videos.
Your viewers are online viewing your message, and at the same time, they are conducting other activities.  Multi-tasking is the norm as attention spans have decreased with online messages of many sorts.  I encourage my clients to create engaging, relevant content specifically for highly distracted viewers that gives them the highlights of a particular product or service.  Those that are receptive to this guidance see an incline in sales conversions when monitoring their statistics.  Those that resist tips for best practices, well, they are not so happy with the sales conversions created by the too-much-at-one-time content they serve their customers.
So what should you do to make a script conversion centric?
Get rid of all your marketing fluff! All the words that aren’t needed. We don’t care that you’re number one or the sales that you did last year. We care about the product and service that you’re selling and we care that you are getting to the point quickly.
So when we say let the script speak for itself, it means don’t have any unnecessary content in your online video script. Keep it simple, to the point, and focusing on the task that you want your viewers to complete.
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