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How an enterprise video platform can accentuate your online business growth?

The popularity of online video is simply staggering and the companies are also embracing this new trend and make use of video in order to reach their entire audience with ease and effortlessness. And thus, video hosting and sharing sites are gaining popularity day by day and they are boasted with a chunk of products. But if you want to boost up your online business growth, then you need an enterprise video platform which will aid in the advertising and marketing of your company.
Usually, an enterprise video platform is loaded with multifarious features which are imperative for an enterprise if they want to enhance their brand image and visibility. An enterprise video platform includes the below-mentioned features.

  • Video Management
  • Video Hosting
  • Extra security options from the beginning
  • Video editing
  • Video publishing and streaming
  • Robustness, constancy and scalability

Why should a company go for an enterprise video platform over the public video sites?
Though the public video sites are free, but there are a plenty of reasons that a company should opt for the enterprise video platform.

  1. More options: An enterprise video platform will provide you with a lot more functionality and advantages which are beneficial for your online business.
  2. More bandwidth: You will get more bandwidth from those business-oriented platforms. And hence, you can easily use high-quality videos with a high-resolution and clear audio as you are blessed with more bandwidth. So, your videos will load within a few minutes and this will help you to gain the attention from more viewer. Your audience will enjoy the video without any hassle and can understand the content very clearly. This will certainly advantageous for the success of your ad or marketing campaign.
  3. Can support a wide range of video and audio format: Generally, a flash-based player is used by most of the public video sharing sites. Though this is fast and reliable, but unfortunately, it is not well supported by all the devices except your desktop computer. Enterprise video platforms will also give you an access to an HTML 5 video player, but they are supportable by any range of video and audio formats. Moreover, they are also very stable and reliable. And this is the prime advantage of using enterprise video platforms because they are supported by many devices, including smartphones and tablets. So, with business-oriented video platforms, you can reach a wider audience for any video which you are trying to promote.
  4. Can optimize it: Another core feature of an enterprise video platform is that you can optimize it according to your own company’s network. Since the network is managed by you, hence it will speed up the delivery of a video from the server to your network and to a customer’s computer or any other device.

Now, you have an adequate knowledge regarding why you need to choose an enterprise video platform instead of public video sites. If you want to aggrandize the growth of your company, then you must go for an enterprise video platform.