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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Streaming Video Web Hosting Service

To get your video on the internet, you will need to obtain a streaming video web hosting service. A web hosting service broadcasts your video online and allows video streaming so that your viewers can easily watch your promotional videos or instructional materials without having to download them. There are numerous websites to choose from if you are looking for a website to host your video content.

File Size, Storage Space, Viewing Formats, Compression Quality, and Video Analytics

When looking for an online video hosting service, it is important to first look at the technical features and tools offered by such websites. After making sure that these websites offer the technical requirements you need, take into account the advantages they have over one another. Below are a few factors to consider when choosing among the different streaming media hosting services available.
One factor to consider is the file size these video websites can accommodate. Streaming video hosting websites have different limits in the file size you are allowed to upload. Before uploading your video to a website though, you are supposed to compress your video so that it would meet your website’s file size requirements. Some streaming video web hosting sites have no file size limit, which means that you will be able to load your master video file into the website, sure that your customers get to see your video in its best quality.
Some streaming video hosting websites only allow you to upload a specific amount of videos to their site. Do know how much storage space you are allotted and how many videos you can upload before getting a particular video hosting service? A number of video hosting websites also provide video analytics services for a certain price. This feature allows you to monitor the progress of your videos, and it gives statistics on how many users are viewing your videos. In this way, you can determine if your videos are fulfilling their intended purpose.
The quality of your video clips when they are broadcasted by your video host is very important. Look at the other video posted on your video host. Are they pixilated and blurry? If so, then this video host poorly compresses their videos, reducing quality.
It also pays to know what viewing format your video host requires you to play your video clips in. Most video websites require clips to be in Flash video formats as they play easily and are available in most computers. Lastly, determine if your streaming media hosting website has video analytics software that can generate statistics and page views.