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Fishing with Social Media–Using Video as Bait

Melanie Peters – Social Media Specialist
Content + Social Media =’s Conversion
I recently held a Video Marketing workshop in which I used the analogy of your web site being an island; if you want to get fed (Conversions) you gotta put your line in the water (Social Media Networks) and bait with what’s gonna bring in the fish (Content). It’s not rocket science! Video is, of course, an easy way to use content in multiple ways. I’ve highlighted a great “feed your business” strategy below.
Good Bait-Bad Bait.
  • Start with a video blog. Video is the quickest way to generate content and is what your customers are most likely to nibble on. Keep each entry short, 30 seconds or less, and keep it simple (good bait). One quick subject will do fine. The idea is to generate a lot of content in short pieces, not make a movie (bad bait). You want to catch a big fish, so have your content Inspire, Inform, or Entertain your viewers.
  • Portion size
  • Create a text version of the video (captions) and post it along with the video on your blog. This doubles the amount of SEO opportunities when you optimize each section properly. (Portion Size.)
  • Cast several Lines
  • Once your bait is optimized, it’s time to send it out. Using your Social Media Networks, cast each one with a headline customized for that network. A Facebook headline reads differently than a Twitter one, and so forth. The more lines you cast, the better chances of getting that fish to nibble on your content.
  • Be ready to reel ‘em in!
  • As stated in earlier blogs, you have roughly 10 seconds to convert a visitor into action once they’ve landed on your island. You must have a simple, quick call to action ready to go so that fish doesn’t jump back in the water! A Video Spokesperson that connects automatically when they arrive is a great way to get your point across in seconds and focus your customer on the call to action you have ready for them.
  • There are great tools available allowing you to host your videos in an easy to track (which bait works best) format and then syndicate them all at once to your Social Media Networks. It’s already been made easy for you! But you can’t catch a fish without bait; an empty hook only catches seaweed.