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How Business Video Hosting Can Be as Popular as Entertainment Videos Online

Waiting for that translucent bar to fill up in the video plug-in may beat watching paint dry, but the video viewership, in general, is quick to grow. In the United States alone, statistical research firm Nielsen records a 45-percent increase in viewing videos online. Internet users spend as much as 11 hours watching all sorts of videos in various websites. Translate those statistics for use in business, and you have the best video hosting you can use to your firm’s advantage.
Online videos provide a colorful point of view of different stories that make up modern life as a whole. For businesses, however, videos are a potential market in terms of describing what they do and how they do it. As online video streaming has become mainstream over the course of Internet history, the word “mainstream” alone reflects millions of people watching different kinds of videos every day. A single video in a company website may equal millions worth of profit.
Perhaps a key factor in the rapid growth of the popularity of online videos is that videos are not only meant for viewing, but also sharing. When a video piques someone’s interest, he will most likely share it with friends and colleagues online. Following the sharing of the video is a kind of chain reaction–more people will see and share the video. Apparently, it is easy to share videos on the Internet–and perhaps easier for it to reach others.
Think about it: How does the idea that your business video is being shared around the world sound? Given the fact that the video is well-made, it may reach the other side of the world without you leaving your office chair. As the role of advertising is for the product to reach out to as many people as possible, online videos are the electronic means of doing so.
How exactly can businesses use videos to give them the edge in the competition? For starters, they can explain what the nature of the business is and why people should prefer it. At an age where majority of modern life takes place online, information becomes more vital than ever. For that, business video hosting sites such as Oculu become more instrumental in helping businesses disseminate their messages.
If entertainment is the focus of some popular video genres, it is information for businesses. How well business videos explain what separates the firm from its stereotypes account for a good video marketing campaign. The moment you add video to your site signals the start of your campaign for endorsing your product online. When you start seeing people from different places in your contacts, you can dub the video marketing campaign a success.