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How to Add Video to a Website: From Scripts to Clicks

Putting up your video on a web page is nothing like putting glue at the back of a picture and pasting it on a surface. For the record, the video must first be hosted by a video hosting platform to enable it to play when people visit your site. To code and design a website is already complicated enough—to add video to a website requires more coding work. Luckily, technology provides Internet users with a solution that is effective because of one beautiful word: simplicity.
Simplicity means that you can upload videos to your webpage with just a few clicks of the mouse. Most commercial uploading sites are designed to automatically incorporate the necessary scripts in the website’s source code so that it appears on the website as intended. The uploading procedure will immediately include the plug-in, or the bar below the video that controls playback and volume. Several minutes later, your video is up and ready.
Keep in mind, however, that you can only upload a limited number of videos depending on the bandwidth size. For example, a video streaming site may only offer a basic account with only ten minutes worth of video time for uploading. You will need to pay a certain fee to extend that limit if you want access to unlimited video uploads. If you constantly upload videos for promotional or other purposes, consider getting a bigger bandwidth.
Many online video hosting platforms such as Oculu offer clients packages that vary by price and bandwidth. You do not necessarily need the biggest and most expensive package if you will only need videos for minor roles. Choose a package that suits your needs and will add video to webpage areas that don’t draw enough attention. This way, you will not have to worry about paying so much every month for a kind of subscription you rarely use.
Specialized video hosting platforms also have a way of keeping track of the number of people watching your videos. Subscriptions come with tools that business managers and webmasters can use to see how attractive their videos are. The tools present an organized report of the view count for a particular period and the list of uploaded videos. These reports will be crucial for the company to adjust their video marketing methods.
Before this simpler method of adding videos, such a task proved to be difficult because of all the scripts that have to be encoded. With technology growing at an astronomical rate, to add video to website pages that would otherwise have been ignored is no longer one of the hardest tasks in the Internet today. Of course, you still have to wait for your video to appear on your site. Nevertheless, the already short wait will be worth it.