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Marketing’s Best Kept Secret: Online Video

Marketing’s Best Kept Secret: Online Video

It’s hard to believe that some businesses STILL do not utilize online video as a part of their marketing efforts.

Besides boosting SEO results, increasing conversions, and offering a way to inform and entertain your clients, here are some other ways why video is an awesome addition to your site, according to The Agency Post.

Google + Video=  
Blended search results, meaning a mix between video and text, are happening now with Google. Why miss out on that opportunity? If you have optimized a video on your site, like using Oculu’s video sitemap feature, it’s 50 times more likely to be ranked in blended search results on Google.
Engage And Convert Your Visitors
Having a video is a proven way to increase their time spent on your site. This is more time to pitch your product or service, making it more likely they will convert.
Appeal To Their Senses
Just because you read something on a site doesn’t mean you’ll remember it. But if you can visualize it and hear it, the more likely you’ll be able to recall the information. Luckily, video utilizes both of these senses, further engaging your site visitors and making your business far more memorable.
Make It Easy Yet Innovative
Video offers you the opportunity to make a complicated topic simple and the simple exciting! Need to explain how a process works or answer a FAQ? Why not use a video to do the explaining for you?
These are just a few of the ways video can revolutionize your online marketing efforts. If you’re ready to get started with online video, contact Oculu today.