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Oculu Ecommerce Shoppable Ads – Emerging Video Formats

Oculu Ecommerce Shoppable Ads – Emerging Video Formats

Have you ever wondered how two products can seem so similar, yet one becomes a household name and the other fades to the background? Have you ever found yourself urging a friend to try a product, service or experience because you can’t stop thinking about it?

This is the power of customer-centered design.

Consider Apple, Google and Airbnb. These companies offer vastly different services, but they share a common practice. They place their customers at the center of the product experience, and they use an understanding of customer wants and needs to build beloved brands.

Chances are you first heard about them from a friend or family member who raved about an amazing trip they booked on Airbnb, the ease of “googling” something on an uncluttered site, or how the expert at the Apple Genius Bar not only saved their cracked phone but also taught them hacks for saving storage space.

There’s an endless list of competitors out there who offer similar services. So what is it about these companies who ultimately win your mindshare and the biggest share of the market?

They’re the ones who put their customer at the center of every single decision.
They do what is right for the customer first, and let the business model flow from there.
They understand that no amount of marketing spend can make up for a bad customer experience.
And they are relentless in making sure their customers know they care.
In return, they win loyalty, brand love and an army of user-promoters more powerful than the most targeted marketing campaigns.

Customer Needs in the Hands of the Decision-Makers

Mapping customer experience and designing for customers is not a new idea. What’s new is that some of the most innovative and forward-thinking companies are elevating the role of customer experience to the C-suite, positioning it alongside CEOs and CMOs with exposure to and engagement with the Board of Directors. The instantiation of this commitment is in the investment in a Chief Experience Officer.