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Oculu Encoding Settings

Oculu Encoding Settings

Oculu provides a set of encode bitrates which we think are the best balance of quality, resolution, storage, and bandwidth to accommodate the various end user devices. The settings can by modified on this page by selecting “Encoding Settings.”


If you want to Import MRSS then click on Import MRSS Button. It will open of to the below shown image. A MRSS is a link which provide media feeds in xml format. To check a sample MRSS you can click here.

A. Encode using Oculu recommended setting

Here is a breakdown of the encode rates
640×360 – Video=640kbps, Audio=96kbps
640×360 – Video=800kbps, Audio=96kbps
640×360 – Video=1.2kbps, Audio=96kbps
1280×720 – Video=1.2Mbps, Audio=128kbps
1280×720 – Video=2Mbps, Audio=128kbps
1280×720 – Video=3Mbps, Audio=128kbps

B. Encode custom size and bitrate

Select this option to define a specific pixel size for the Oculu encoder.  Next choose the desired bitrate.

C. Direct Upload – Bypass Oculu Encoders

Create you own encodes for direct hosting by Oculu.  This setting bypasses the Oculu encoder.
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