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OCULU® Eyes Virtual Reality (VR) As the Next Big Frontier for Pre-Roll Advertising Serving and Publisher Revenue

OCULU® Eyes Virtual Reality (VR) As the Next Big Frontier for Pre-Roll Advertising Serving and Publisher Revenue

 Orange County, CA — July 8, 2014 — OCULUhas announced initial development of a new video player to serve pre-roll ads directly into platforms using virtual reality (VR) technology.
Enhancements OCULUwill make to its video streaming player allows marketers increased delivery options for pre-roll advertising messages.  These advancements into VR create opportunities to directly stream micro-targeted messages.  OCULUpredicts that desktop and mobile device campaigns in place at this time will soon shift to include pre-roll advertising in VR.  Pre-roll ads served directly into platforms using VR will ultimately garner optimum CPM.
John Cecil, OCULUCEO predicts a change for pre-roll and spot advertising.  “Think about it,” he says, “The ability to deliver pre-roll ads in VR will completely change the way advertisers think about commercials.  Advertisers will be able to insert their video ads directly into the spawning
VR platforms and devices.  Pre-roll will never be the same.”  Cecil is excited about the new video player’s ability to serve pre-roll ads directly into VR platforms, including game headsets.  He expects that the OCULU® streaming platform will create an experience for viewers and advertisers never seen before in the history of marketing.
OCULUand the advertising industry see great potential in CPM lift for a pre-roll ad delivered on a VR platform to be in the range of $50 or more.  Currently, ad revenue is less for pre-roll delivered via mobile devices and ranges from $15-$35 per thousand.  OCULU® executives expect the delivery of pre-roll ads in VR to show up quickly during online movie viewing, live events, peer-to-peer communications and gaming activities.  Pre-roll ads will naturally fit into these industries in addition to others currently being identified.  Cinematographers and game makers,
for example, can expand views relevant to monetizing their creative works.
“Virtual reality is a new frontier,” says David Winters, OCULU® Chief Technology Officer.  “This is not the first time we have sprung into action to tackle a new medium.  We adjust our platform to target new marketplace mediums.  VR will be no different because we continually enhance our video delivery system to enable compatibility on ever-evolving operating systems
and platforms.”
OCULUexecutives are highly optimistic about the endless opportunities created by the new advertising player for current and future customers worldwide.  Incorporating the new pre-roll player to serve advertising media directly into virtual reality (VR) will further boost the millions
of videos streamed and pre-roll ads served now every day by OCULUto online viewers throughout the world.  Revenue generated by the online video platform industry is expected to top $5 billion
by 2016.
Oculu is a fast growing, cloud based online video platform providing video solutions and supply side monetization for both businesses and publishers.  Built with DNA from the video production industry, Oculu provides video solutions with simple, do-it-yourself options and features like Video SEO, Video Email, and Video Sharing.  Along with an abundant network of ad serving partners for pre-roll needs, the platform provides an easy integration when monetizing video content.
Additionally, Oculu reports multiple points of data via a reporting feature that includes pre-roll metrics and information on the videos after a video plays. Oculu is fully developed, scalable and has delivered millions of video plays for over active 300 customers.
Media Contact:
John Cecil, CEO