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Oculu now offers ad tags to in-house programmatic teams to serve emerging video formats

Oculu now offers ad tags to in-house programmatic teams to serve emerging video formats

Oculu now offers ad tags to in-house programmatic teams to serve emerging video formats
It’s no secret that we here at Oculu consider our emerging formats our pride and joy — we boast about them to the hilltops and what makes it even better, is that we can back up our championed effectiveness with hard data. 
But what if you’re a company that wants to serve your own ads in house but still capitalize on our emerging formats? Don’t think too hard, because we’ll answer it for you right here right now: we now offer ad tags to in-house programmatic teams to serve our emerging formats to you while you serve your ads to everybody else, so you still have control but with our special touch. 
And for the sheer chance that you don’t know about our emerging formats yet, here’s a recap! 

Emerging Format Breakdown:

We know pre-roll. It’s short, sweet, and succinct. It gets the message across well enough… but that’s if viewers are actually paying attention to your ad. The latter is not promised. 
Since digital platforms, technologies, and devices have advanced and become more captivating, it’s becoming harder to garner the attention of viewers and impress. Bare pre-roll simply isn’t cutting it anymore. So, we’ve given it a make over the best way we know how – emerging formats. 
Emerging video formats look for ways to directly connect the viewer with the message. When done properly, pre-roll (connected with various graphics and engagement options) gets attention, increases view through and click through rates. And though there are a plethora of video formats that will undoubtedly benefit your ads, there are three in particular that we specialize in and show favoritism to — so, let’s unpack those! 


Overlay is a banner that plays on top of the given pre-roll, typically across the bottom of the frame. It adds a call to action on your ad in a non disruptive way. Overlays are valuable additions to pre-roll because they can give important information throughout the entire ad, such as show times, sales, or updates. Furthermore, all overlays are clickable and will take viewers to the advertised site. 

Custom Skin 

Custom skin is a dynamic background for pre-roll video. It works like this: the pre-roll video plays for five seconds with the overlay, then after 5 seconds the pre-roll shrinks into the screen and moves to the top right corner. After the pre-roll shrinks into the right corner it keeps playing and a full clickable image of the show/brand fills the rest of the screen as background until the pre-roll ends. Viewers can interact with your brand without interrupting the ad. This is a great way to show important information about your brand on a larger, more impactful scale.
 You can use custom skin for greater brand recognition or as a way to draw viewers to your site or service with interactive features. 


An End Card appears at the end of a pre-roll video, providing engagement opportunities at the end of an ad. It can give the advertiser an opportunity to display important information on a larger readable screen. End cards also have the ability to add fun interactive concepts to an ad.

If you love these formats and want them on your pre-roll ad but you’re set on serving them yourself in-house, then do we  have some good news for you! Oculu now offers ad tags to in-house programmatic teams to serve our emerging formats to you, providing our emerging video ad tags that include all creative development, leaving you with essentially all the power, and us with all the creative. 
Here’s the logistics of how it works: 
First, your company will upload your pre-roll into an Oculu account that we will create together. Next, you account team will send us assets of the campaign so we can create an emerging format to serve. From there, Oculu will create three different versions of the emerging video format ads and host all of the creative for it. And once that is created and set, you will be able to access our ad tags through your Oculu account where you can plug your ad into any ad server to run your campaign however you’d like. It’s refreshingly simple!
What makes this service so rewarding for both parties is the fact that your programmatic team is able to run the campaign yourself as we would not be involved in the serving of the final ads, making you the controller of which ad servers you run your campaigns through. And whichever ad server you do end up choosing, Oculu promises to format our tags to fit said server. Additionally, we wil provide reports with multiple data points on how the video ads are performing, which is in addition to the data you will already be getting from your ad server. And if anything were to go wrong, Oculu ad tech will be provided on call to make sure your campaign runs smoothly. 
This package comes at a fee of $2-4 cpm to cover our serving fees and the production of the emerging video formats with a 10,000,000 impression minimum!
We are super excited about this new opportunity and we hope you are too! The power is yours and the creative is built through teamwork with Oculu, what more can you ask for? Contact us today to get started!