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What Files Formats Does Oculu Accept?

Oculu encodes your video files in multiple file formats, codecs, resolutions and bit rates. This is to ensure playback via mobile and desktop devices as well as providing playback resolution options for the end viewer. Oculu revises these settings constantly to accommodate the evolving market. The settings can by modified on this page by selecting “Encoding Settings.”


Current Oculu default option formats:
Resolution – Bitrate – codec – file
640×360, 650kbps, On2VP6, FLV
640×360, 650kbps, H.264, MP4
1280×720, 1200kbps, H.264, MP4
1920×1080, 5400kbps, H.264, MP4 (HD)
3840×2160, 5400kbps, H.264, MP4 (4K)
With Oculu it is possible to deliver specific custom resolutions and bit rates contact us for details.
Recommended source video specs, for upload to Oculu
Resolution – Bitrate – codec – file
1280×720 (or larger), 2mbps, H.264, MP4
1280×720 (or larger), 2mbps, H.264, M4v
1280×720 (or larger), 2mbps, Windows Media, WMV
1280×720 (or larger), 2mbps, H.264, MOV
If a source video file is less than 720 high, it will be encoded to 640×360 resolution only. Our video encoders “fit height” and “maintain aspect ratio,” for example a 4:3 or 16:9 aspect source video will be encoded as 480×360.

Encoding Settings


A. Encode using Oculu recommended setting


B. Encode 360° videos


C. Encode 4K videos


D. Encode custom size and bitrate

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