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Online Video Platforms: Going Green through Cloud Video Hosting

The Internet has already come a long way. From serving as a tool of sharing information on scientific and military research and development, it now functions as an almost limitless global trading venue. That significant change can be attributed to the webmasters of the 1960s who first developed the concept of delivering computing resources through a large-scale network.
The result of that concept started what is known today as “cloud computing,” a structure that allows sharing of resources, software, and information over the Internet. Because of this, people managed to impart the materials they have even to end-users halfway across the globe. These traits of location independence and scalability have been very beneficial to online traders, especially through cloud-computing-empowered tools like online video platforms.
Videos are undeniably effective marketing tools. They can directly convey the messages of certain people or institutions to audiences in a comprehensive and meaningful way. However, putting these materials online was not that easy before. There were numerous HTML tags and embedding codes that should be mastered before one can successfully upload clips on the Internet or make them available in business websites.
Cloud computing paved the way for the creation of quality online video hosting servers, such as Oculu Video Solutions. With the power and scalability of the “cloud,” streaming a video file online is made effortless and seamless. In fact, even start-up enterprises can use this technology on their websites and achieve success with the help of small business video hosting platforms.
To top all the benefits that cloud computing servers offer, they can also grant organizations with an edge of environment-friendliness. This can primarily be attributed to the power savings that can be gained, as well as to the reduction of carbon dioxide emitted into the environment. Since there is no longer any need to install and mantain piles of actual servers, businesses can do away with multiple devices that constantly run on electricity.
As companies and organizations get rid of their unnecessary IT infrastructures, they also eliminate the potentially negative impact these can have on the environment. They burn less fuel, consume less energy, have a smaller carbon footprint, and spend less on electricity. With that, they can divert their saved resources to other crucial aspects of their business. Above all, the green benefits that an online video platform presents can project a sincere environmental philosophy that can sell solutions and win customers.