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Successful Video Strategy Requires Early Decision-Making

Successful Video Strategy Requires Early Decision-Making

Marketing your product or service online with the use of video is possible.  Many companies are doing it and some are reaping better profits than others.  Decisions made early in the process of incorporating video into your marketing strategy will put you on the path to minimal or great success, or dismal failure.  Success requires that you understand and master the advantages of delivery platforms and professional production requirements.
Delivery and production are the keys to achieving a return on your investment (ROI) with the use of online video.  The processes are very different and play distinct roles in getting your content to your viewers.  Without both components, you’re doomed to suffer the costly expense of video; and, mastering each of them you will see an incline in your sales conversions.
Three stages are involved in the production of video: pre-production, production and post-production.  Pre-production is comprised of the project planning, storyboarding, gathering of the assets and hiring the talent.  Production refers to the shoot day, the equipment, crew, talent and on-set participation activities.  Post-production pertains to the coordination and management activities that involve any necessary graphics, animation, music, editing, delivery and distribution of the final footage.
Many moving parts can contribute to the costs of properly produced video footage.  Whether you intend to produce video yourself or hire a pro to assist you the steps are much the same and involve an entire process.  Proficiency with the delivery and production elements will help your video to have the best content possible delivered smoothly to your viewers.
You have probably noticed that delivery and production are referenced in a sequence contrary to what you’ve seen in other articles, books and magazines. Beginning with the end in mind (delivery) before handling the production of your content will create increased success and ROI.  Countless companies have produced video content for their online viewers.  And then taken steps to deliver that finished video to their webpage viewers.  Too often, the companies spent a bundle of cash producing their content with zero advance planning consideration to the “how” of getting the content to their viewers.  A particular case that comes to mind involved a company that asked their technology team to build a delivery system to get the video to their viewers.  The tech team did as asked, however, the results were less than satisfactory.  The video was served via the custom built player, played badly for viewers, and was abandoned by viewers before full play of the video could occur.
Any opportunity for a message the company needed their viewers to see and respond to was lost during the unpleasant viewing experience.  Ways in which a video viewing experience can be unenjoyable may include occasions when viewers cannot hear the volume of the video, wait time if a video is not non-user initiated and does not play automatically, and audio and visual out of sync with each other.  There are many things that work together to make watching online video a pleasant experience.  These are a few considerations to keep in mind so your own viewers will feel comfortable and pleased with the time they spend watching your message.
Getting your finished video to your online viewers requires advance planning and a platform.  A platform is a server called an online video platform (OVP) that displays your video footage to viewers that visit your webpage.  Many OVPs are available, some are free and some are fee-based.
A successful video marketing strategy requires that delivery and production decisions be made early in the planning process.  The earlier decisions are made for delivery and how your content will be served to your viewers the smoother your own video implementation experience will be.
Mastering the elements of video production and delivery of that video to customers is vital to seeing a return on your company’s investment.  Which is more important, why and how do you know?  Online Video Revolution: How to Reinvent and Market Your Business Using Video by John Cecil answers these questions and helps you set up your organization for successfully getting your content to customers to increase sales conversions.  Visit for your guidebook now.