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Testing For Success

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Testing Tips for Online Video!
Most companies test their landing pages against one another to search for better conversions. But no one tests with video. Why not? We’re saying that if you’re doing testing, you should be testing video against video to get and look for better conversions.
In every case we’ve seen where there’s a test, one video outperforms the other. So here’s four basic things you can do to start testing your videos online.
Number One: Talent VS Talent
So a lot of people use either the company CEO or an actor in their video. Test that talent against each other, you’ll always find a winner from a conversion standpoint. Male VS female. Company CEO VS an actress. Test the talent against each other and see how your customers are reacting to their communication with your video.
Number Two: Check Wardrobe
We test colors all the time on landing pages. Red VS blue. We’re seeing the same things happening on online videos when talent is wearing different wardrobe, different colors. You can get as intricate as running different wardrobes against each other and testing out against one another.
Number Three: Script VS Script
We look at long scripts VS short scripts, using different words, and using different things along those lines. Your changing copy on your site to increase your conversions, you should change the copy in your video and test it against each other to see if it works.
Number Four: User Initiated VS Non-User Initiated
This is basically if someone goes to your site does the video start playing automatically or does the user have to click on it to start playing the video? We know best-case scenario you’re going to get about a 15% click through on the video on your site. Meaning that 85% of the people won’t see the content in your video. So you need to test this against each other to see if the video actually works, if more people are watching it VS if they have to click on it.
These are four simple ways you can start testing your online video. There’s hundreds of ways to do it but start with these four for better conversion results.
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