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Top 5 reasons you shouldn’t add video to your website

Top 5 reasons you shouldn’t add video to your website

Did we say shouldn’t? I know you know all websites should include video but here are the top 5 reasons you need to know why video is so important on your website.


People have short attention spans when searching the Internet for specific details, so most users would rather go straight to what they want and ignore the rest of the information. Adding multiple videos will help visitors choose what they want to view and what they don’t. Videos can also be used to help customers learn more about the product without them having to look at things they don’t need to see. Although videos can increase website loading times, it will make the website more exciting and more interactive.


Video clips can easily convey messages to audiences. Instead of filling a website with walls of text, incorporating videos can help visitors understand how a product works. Video tutorials can also be complemented with sample pictures to make the website more informative. For instance, businesses that sell bleaching products can better show the effects of these if they add video to webpage frames next to picture diagrams.


Websites will look dull if they contain only blocks of text, but incorporating videos and graphics will make these websites look more appealing and eye-catching. This will encourage visitors to stay on the website or use it for future reference.


With more and more organizations using Internet marketing, the competition is steadily growing. Integrating product descriptions can give a company a big advantage since video appeals to more people than still pictures and plain text. These video clips can deliver messages about the product faster and more effectively than most forms of advertising since they create a bigger visual impact. What’s even better is that these can be linked to other websites to increase the client base.


Search engines offer videos as part of their optimization. Therefore, businesses that have trouble with their online visibility can improve their rankings with help from companies that can add video to website pages like Oculu. This will drive traffic towards the website and help it get top rankings since the number of visitors will increase.