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An ultimate guide to video monetization

Video monetization is growing by leaps and bounds as video advertising marketing is evolving continuously. So, video monetization is indubitably the future of targeted advertising and it is the utmost way by which the bloggers and webmasters can make money from their respective blogs and websites. Video monetization is also lucrative for the advertisers too. And, thus by incorporating video ads into their campaigns, the advertisers can reach to a plethora of online customers.
The publishers who have a chunk of videos on their sites must know that there is a humongous monetization opportunity is waiting for them and they need to disentangle it. There are several ways by which a person can display online ads, and usually, they are distinguished by when they appear relative to the video content while the visitors will go through the video. Below, we are mentioning some popular ways by which you can display your ads in the video content.
Pre-roll ads: These types of ads are the most common and popular video ad unit. Generally, they appear at the beginning of the video. But the viewers are free to skip the ads and can directly enter into the content of the video at a certain point. A plethora of statistics has claimed that the pre-roll ads occupy 74% of the total video ad.
Post-roll ads: As the name suggests, these ads come up at the end of the video when the video has finished playing. This type of video ad is less popular because the advertisers generally don’t invest a hefty amount of these kinds of ads as they believe most of the viewers won’t stick around to see an advertisement once the video content is finished. Thus, post-roll ads occupy only 45% of the total video ad.
Mid-roll ads: Mid-roll video ads usually appear in the middle of a video content. This type of video ad is far less common than the other types of video ads because the advertisers believe that the viewers will get distracted by the ads and will lose interest in watching the videos. Only a few online video services (Like Hulu) give access to this type of ad.
Traditional display ads: these types of ads usually appear alongside the video content. Many video sites (like YouTube) encourage in displaying traditional video ads.
How to monetize your ads
If you are planning to earn money from your video ads, then you need to build a strong, coherent and successful video monetization strategy. You can either directly sell your ads to a relevant advertiser or you can make a partnership with an ad network who will deliver your ads to the viewers. If you go for the first option, then you need to work diligently but you will certainly earn more revenue. While on the other hand, the second one is less intricated and easy to implement, but you need to share the revenue with your ad network partner.
The video continues to become an integral part of the online businesses and now, the advertisers have an adequate knowledge of video monetization and hence, they are trying to make money by monetizing the videos. It is expected that the growth of video ads will continue to climb into the foreseeable future.